Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Role Model

Role Model

In our life I think we need a role model. He/she can be reference, can be influence of our life style , can give an inspiration to run our life or we just fan him.
As a Moslem I take a role model is prophet of Muhammad SAW. I think he is perfect person from all of life aspect. But … because his perfectness it can be reason for somebody not to be like him because it is too hard and impossible.

So…I think it is not wrong if we take a role mode is commonly person because it is more applicable. Example, I fan a couple of my friends. I fan him because her/his spirit to run her/his life, discipline and learn seriously. The first I fan him/her then step by step I want to implement it.

I have favourite a lecturer when I studied in a University. But at that’s time I was fright with him because he is very strict and discipline person. We studied start at 07.00 a clock. If we late or he had came we couldn’t follow his lecture. I was felt hate him because I had tried to get up early but sometime there was traffic jump in the street, It make me late. To get the class we must get on sixth floor and if we late we couldn’t study, I felt tired, It make me disappointed. But now… I aware he did it to remind us that we must appreciate our time and discipline.

I have a role model from western people too, the picture is at above, his name is stevie. He is more like his student call him stevie and he will be angry if his student call him Master, because make him feel more older. Beside I learn English I learn about appreciate time, appreciate another person’s opinion and his professionalism.
All of them are my Role Model. They are very influencing my life although not all of their life aspect could take but never mind. Trully, still many person that I was take as Role Model. But Remember …If we have Role Model, Don’t leave ourself characteristic especially positive characteristic.

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Never Give Up (2)

Never Give Up (2)

On January 01, 2009 Dorokdok Gang started the adventure to go to Ciwedey. We went to “ Kawah Putih & Situ Patengang” One of our member, Dini didn’t join us because she had ever gone in there. But there was new member, Melly. She is Wenny’s sister , she is attractive girl too .
We want to open new year with new spirit to face our next challenge and next opportunity in 2009. You can look from left picture. We never give up to climb the dangerous area. Mr Hery Chow took our picture from behind.

It was very dramatic story , I must open my shoes to climb the hill, climb with my hand, I must hang the branch to help me climbing and I must be careful when chose the branch because most of them are very brittle. If I hung the brittle branch I could fall down.

But I never give up. You know… actually we climbed not to get the top of the hill but we want to take picture in the valley. But to get there I must get on and then get around. It took about one hour to get the valley. After till in there the rain fell down so we must be hurry to leave the valley. We took the picture in there only about five minutes. It is very tragic story.

After satisfied took some pictures in Kawah Putih We continued our trip to Situ Patenggang. In Situ Patenggang we always climb to find the place where it is nice to take our picture. One of our picture took in front of The Stone of Love, from the picture we want to say the world that we never give up to find the truly love.The Stone of Love is to be witness.

There was traffic jam on the way to go home. Our car didn’t move totally. It took about 3 hours. But it was ok because the weather was not hot and in the car Mr Hery Chow gave us lesson German language and told about his experience when he lived in German, told about his planning. He want to produce some product and we offered to be his marketing team. So there is no wasting time it is amazing experience to start new year.

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Please … give your attention….a minute…we want to introduce ourself, “ We are Dorokdok Gang ,but don’t be afraid with us because we are not crime person but we are nice person.”You can look our picture at above, How Nice We Are. ..Our gang be formed on December 29, 2008 (Moslem New Year). From left Aminah, Heni ( Our Madam Director), Dini, Weni, Sri, Tri and Riri.

A couple of us just met at the time. Aminah is my sister, Riri is Aminah’s friend they are from Jakarta. Heni and Weni are my friends in College from Bandung. Sri is Heni’s friend from Jakarta. Dini is Weni and Heni’s friend from Cianjur. We met because we want to spend our holiday to go to Garut. We went to Candi Cangkuang, Kawah Kamojang, Situregang and you know we spent almost three hours to find dorokdok and we went around almost five times in the same place only to find “dorokdok”. But finally we found it and when we bought dorokdok, Dini ask to seller, ”What is this???” She ask to Sundanese person in english, ofcourse the person very confuse and only gave us a little smile.

At the beginning We didn’t have a plan to form gang , it was suddenly out from our mind when we were on the way to go home. We thought we were very strong unity although most of us just met at the time and How Mean dorokdok for us, So we want to form gang and the name is Dorokdok.
We are flexible gang, in the next adventure we are always changging member, if you are nice person, no alcoholic, no smoking you can join us, it is easy requirement. So.. always follow my news and our adventure.

Wait a minute…you must be curious with the nice man in the picture. He is Hery Chow, he is our driver, our photographer, our teacher, our colleague and our member too and bla….bla… How can?????Dorokdok Gitu lo…..

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Never Give Up

I want to start the new year with my new spirit and my new blog.

I think my old blog has destroyed.

But I never give up to write because I want to expression what I think and what I show.

And ofcourse I want to share to you all guys....my fans . So...please give your comment what I ' ve written.


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